I don’t know if a “Magic Bullet” killed Kennedy, but they sure won’t help you lose weight.

Back in the 1960’s up through today there are people that have a theory about a “magic bullet” that killed President Kennedy. They postulate that this bullet had to have broken several laws of physics to be the only bullet that was fired from the book depository.

Before we go further, I need to say that I am NOT a doctor. The observations below are made because of “my” journey to get healthier. You should really consult your doctor before beginning any diet plan.

The same is true in weight loss. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet. Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re one your way to a healthier you. You are struggling sometimes with cravings and depression because, like everyone else, you want someone to encourage you; and those people seem few and far between. Finally, when you show results, everybody comes out of the woodwork wanting to know……wait for it……“your secret.” This should be translated into it’s more honest form: “What’s your secret? And don’t tell me nutrition, smart exercise, portion control, sugar control, or any of that ^$%*. I want you to tell me you drank a shake, or popped a pill, or did one or two simple things that didn’t require much, if any effort; which I can do and have beautiful people slipping me their hotel key cards when I travel.”

Ladies and gentlemen….there is no “magic bullet.” Avoid diet pills like the plague, because most of the time you’ll see a little label on them which reads, “the following…yadda, yadda, yadda, has not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that this product expects you to take them at their word on the potency or quality of ingredients. I’m sorry. I don’t like taking anything into my body unless I know what makes it tick and where it came from. Taking these pills are the equivalent of a “pharmacological one night stand”….making you all sorts of promises of health; until you wake up one morning in a doctor’s office wondering, “What the hell did I do to myself.”

Other wastes of money include pre-packaged meals. Ask yourself these questions: “What is more cost efficient in the long run; getting fed like some animal in a zoo; or learning proper nutrition for myself?” “What if I need more food on some days because I’m more active?” Getting the point yet?

If you want bullets, I’ll give you bullets…..in what I’ll call my 6 shooter of health.

1. Proper nutrition (lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber in every meal. Research how much of a calorie deficit you will need to lose weight and plan your meals in order to reach it. Learn about things like cinnamon which can help regulate blood sugar, Omega 3 oils, Multi-vitamins, etc. Avoid products that use words like guarantee, eat what I want, didn’t have to exercise, etc.

2. Combine aerobic activity every day with strength training every other day to give your muscles a chance to repair.

3. Watch your sugar and salt intakes. Drink plenty of water.

4. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. 2 or so pounds a week is the current estimate of a healthy, weekly, weight loss goal

5. Eat. Starving yourself will only tell your body….Holy, &$^*, I’m starving, and slow your metabolism to a crawl…thereby, ruining your weight loss momentum.

6. Your body is a complex machine, learn how your particular machine runs. Whatever plan you use to get healthy; you’d better be able to maintain it for the long haul, or you’ll soon be right back where you started from.

So, you wanted bullets. There they are….they work….but are in no way “magic.”

Keep reaching for “The Other Side Of The Light”

Jim Wilhelm



Remembering history and re-lighting a passion.

I watched the Mars rover touchdown recently and got excited just like everyone else that saw it. Then it struck me; how like the human condition this is. I was born in 1972 and one of my early memories involved seeing footage of the moon landing that happened 3 years prior. These guys went to the moon in a craft with less computing power than in a coffee pot. They put their lives on the line and came back alive. But less than four years later, everyone seemed to be saying….”Yeah, so what? We went to the moon. Been there done that.”

How like the human condition this is: It is easy for us to get llama spitting excited about anything early on. Things we’re passionate about. Things we’d like to make better, etc. “I’m gonna really study hard this year. This year I’m gonna go on that diet.” “This year I’m going to stop drinking” “get that raise” “repair my marriage” “Do this, do that”, “Not do this, not do that” etc, etc, etc. We all know what I’m talking about. Anyone that made a New Year’s resolution can tell you. But in no time at all, the coin can flip and we can lose that passion. The things that lit a fire under us get squelched with day to day living, set backs, negative thoughts, the people that were cheering us early on get bored and stop, etc.

My advice? Take time daily to visualize what lit a fire under you in the first place. Hold that image in your head and heart like a 5 year old waiting on Christmas Eve to open his presents the next morning. The imagination is a powerful thing….use it to your advantage.

Let me give you an example; if you are trying to lose weight and you find yourself slipping back into old eating habits and not exercising as much; put on your favorite workout music, relax, close your eyes, and imagine yourself getting fit and being fit.

*But don’t just visualize the end result. Visualize the whole journey. Make the image as real as possible to your mind. Imagine the joy, the pain, the effort, the success, the changes in your body and confidence; “see” the victory*

Imagine working out to your favorite music, see yourself eating healthy, see your body get smaller, imagine yourself being physically in ways that you never thought possible, see yourself smiling as the opposite sex takes a greater interest in you. Imagine the happiness of accomplishing something through hard work and dedication.” Now……hold that image in your mind. Replay it and replay it and replay it. Always with your workout music playing in the background. This is what psychologists would call “a trigger.” Something that on a subconscious level “triggers” a conscious activity. See if, after a while, when you lose your passion for working out, that when you put that music on, you start to feel like you want to take on the world.

The fires of passion for anything positive in your life needs to be stoked and nurtured.  Experiment with your imagination and find ways to trigger that original passion in your mind.

And then, by God, do something about it. Don’t just imagine…..do. You can imagine yourself eating, but unless you actually eat…..you’ll die from starvation. The same goes for all those changes you want to make; all those New Years Resolutions that fall by the way side. If you don’t feed them, nurture them, and keep the passion to fulfill them stoked……the will eventually extinguish.

You are capable, you are strong, you can do this. Imagine the victory my friends……and now, go out and make it happen. 

Jim Wilhelm: “The Other Side Of The Light”